When a software company in Philadelphia wished to enhance their existing team to develop a product for the banking sector, we were happy to fit in the picture. We worked as a team and we value our long professional association of working together on the project.

Workflow Management for Sangini Group

Sangini Group, a leading construction group wanted a solution for Workflow management and Evaluation of their Team members. They also wanted the application to enable team members to chat and communicate with each other. We were glad to provide a customised Mobile app for Android and iOS platforms integrated with a Web enabled Management console.

Creating Designs for Weaving Fabric

We developed a software that helped to Create Designs to be Woven in Fabric. We are happy to have developed this solution that has helped our customer since 25 years.

E Commerce Applications

Enabling companies meet the challenges of a changing business landscape has always been exciting to us. We have set up E-Commerce portals for some of our customers and have expanded their business reach.

Automated Testing of E-commerce application.

An e-commerce vendor wanted to ensure that the portal is rolled out smoothly. We tested the e-commerce application using RPA Tool (UiPath). We developed BOTS for data extraction, recording, website testing, report generation.

Parent Portal for Education Center

A teaching center in Australia wanted to have a customised solution to faclitiate students in the process of accessing learning material and scheduling meetings, we were happy to provide a solution.

Face Recognition

Developing a Face Recognition System for a company that supplies cameras, and achieving the required accuracy parameters was what gave us satisfaction.