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About us

We, at SUN SOFTWARE are involved in the field of software development with a strong focus on quality. Our commitment to technology ensures that our assignments meet stringent business expectations on time. The dedicated team of qualified professionals at SUN SOFTWARE is committed to ensure customer satisfaction.

We work in different technologies and have worked in different verticals. Our activities include the following


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We are happy to provide the following services to our customers

Software Product Development

We are involved in developing software in various technologies

We have developed software for different verticals

Offshore Software Development

We are serving a small set of clients on a long term basis where we allocate dedicated resources on a continual basis.

We have served end-clients and software companies that are located offshore

IT Consulting

We are consultants to large industrial and corporate groups for setting up a roadmap for implementing their IT systems.

We are also involved for establishing and managing their IT teams .

Software Project Management

We manage software projects for software development centers as a third party consultant.

These software development centers are in software companies or development centers for large businesses who develop software for their internal use.

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+ 91 9825079206 alok@sunsoftware.co.in

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